my writing

20 Aug

i wrote this when i was in high school… 2 years ago… forgive my grammar mistakes u.u

—-no title what so ever—-

wind that touches my face, take my being, my anger, my sadnes, leave my concience. winter stay with me, freeze my soul, make me numb, leave me to hear. time that doesen’t exist and is necesary, i don’t want you anymore, go away, and comeback when you are, concience come, wake up, make me, concience. wind come back with my being, being that plays in my daily existance and mesures my capacity. concience don’t fall asleep in me, stay alive and awake because without you i could not survive this constant evolution, evolution that surrounds me and can’t touch. i plea now to the gods, to any one whos here an awakening in my existance. so who am i? but a shalow concience, waiting like the rose waits for the spring so it can fill this flow with color, flow…of the every day world, before it end with my existance.Β 

—- you are everything i’m not —-

the wind comes with your perfume, with your essence, i look for you, i want to see you, right now!. the wind brings your memory, your kisses, your caress. but it also brings fears that live in my subconcience, subconcience that i don’t know about, false fears. your frialty brings vasts memories of me trying to be happy, without thinking that i’m happy now and that all this disapears whenever i’m with you, you’ve made me remember how fragil am i and how easy it is to create a world that’s not. you probably feel smuthered and maybe you are fed up, remember that i’m trying to comprehend your reasons and the way to get in to you, comunicate without saying a word, feel you and see you, in me and me in you, you are everything i’m not.

— think —

i think of my weknesses as a human and i come to understand that i’m not perfect, like all of you in this reality. it doesen’t matter if you win, if you don’t have concience, if you don’t trust in you and if you don’t love yourself. now that im entering reason i adventure myself in a test, a resistance test that will allow me to know if i’m able to survive this evolution, this awakening of mind and if i can keep up, keep up this evolution without falling onto darkness in wich i was surounded untill now, before this awakening of concience and realize what i have. i think of my weaknesses.


One Response to “my writing”

  1. mittax August 20, 2008 at 7:52 am #

    I like it from the stanza..’think’

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