Traditions, how far would you go?

21 Aug

Tradition is an important part of a community or a nation, every single one has its own characteristic, many create taboos in society, which may cause people to squirm or to be frightened. But what happens when in order to prove you belong in a certain society, you have to follow a tradition or eat a certain food? The situations in which different events like rituals of initiation, where leaders make other members or candidates kill to fit in, may seem unbelievable, but they exist, the question is: how far are you willing to do in order to fit in?

Food is a very good example of what people are willing to do to fit in. In Mexico, southern region to be more specific, is a very rich and cultured place where people like to eat bugs like grasshoppers, ants, larva’s, and other species of that particular family, its a delicacy, would you eat them?.

In other places like Italy, if a visitor is asked to join the family or a person to eat you can’t turn down the offer, even if it means eating something you don’t like, also in some Asian cultures it is considered an offense if you show dislike or disgust towards a meal, and they like to eat fresh in all the extent of the word, almost anything that moves is edible.

As for how far would I go? Not much, only if it where a life or death situation, although i will never know, I can’t confirm something that hasn’t happen to me yet.   

Cultures are tresure

Cultures are tresure


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