This is for you

25 Aug

I wrote this on February 19th.

Is it possible to get rid of what you believe?, when all that we know is based on fantasies and lies? Let go of someone who tought you so much and at the same time made you the person you are now?

Is it possible?

I find it hard to believe when people debate with what i believe in.

Today was a day in which i had a drink of reality “on the rocks”, the foundation that you left me standing was shaken to the core, opening a crack that i have to fill, “let it go… what you been tought doesn’t apply in this reality, for those ideas were part of a failed past”…

What should i do with that?

What do i do to leave behind what i had lived with her?

Starting to live by today, i really don’t know how, it’s hard…

I know that i asked you to stay and not leave me …. but today i need to fly away, let me leave behind all the wheight that doesn’t belong to me…

I will let you go… just watch over me.

I still love you …. this is for you 


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