Comment on a Yoruban American in Germany

29 Aug

Berlin is a city which holds a mix of cultures, Ngozi; who is Yoruba American, lives there. She describes that living there is like “being in New York” mostly because of the diversity of nationalities in the city. She also talks about stares and attitudes against color people in Berlin, describing it as uncomfortable, Ngozi recalls some experiences on the subway on her way to work and how she ended sitting facing a wall because of the constant staring and remarks against her, remarks like “Auslandër Raus!” which means Foreigners, get out!. Ngozi explains how living in Berlin is better than living in New York, she says that for example in New York she wouldn’t be able to walk comfortably in the sidewalk without people running away or think she’s a burglar entering a store. In Berlin even though certain Germans don’t like foreigners, she’s thankful she has met Germans who actually want to know about her and respect her for who she is, and even though people make remarks about her color, Ngozi enjoys living there, because it’s not New York.


A similar situation is being lived across the border in the U.S., keeping in account that the vast majority of citizens living there are foreigners, now a days some Americans can’t accept the fact that there are people from different cultures living among them, those Americans are the ones always defending the “no illegal immigrants” cause, and sometimes get to be racist towards people. Even foreigners like Mexicans tend to make racist remarks; the fact is that this situation with the U.S. and all the Mexican immigrants is somewhat a cat-mouse chase, on one hand, Americans defending territory, and Mexicans trying to make a living out of the easy way, both are guilty of this situation. People who cross the border legally have to stand officers making questions and watching their every move, making them feel like terrorists or thieves, and everyone or almost everyone of the Mexicans who cross the border lie about where they’re going!, I mean why would you lie if you have nothing to hide? And they complain of how officers treat us Mexicans. It makes no sense.

I think that everywhere in the world, there are people who believe they’re are better than others and believe that it gives them the right to look down on someone whom they think is inferior to them, I also believe strongly that no one has the right to discriminate or be racist toward someone because of their nationality or skin color. It’s up to us to stop that kind of behavior among us, if we make a difference the world changes.   


Book Title: Multi America: Essays on Cultural Wars and Cultural Peace

Author: Ishmael Reed ( compilator)


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