Comment on the movie “Penelope”

25 Sep

How many times have we felt left out or alone? Like no one cares about us or cares about what’s “inside of us”. The movie Penelope is a story about a girl born with a pig’s nose, who has an over protective mother that forces her to live under seclusion while trying to find her a “blue blood” husband to brake a curse, finds herself again, trying to choose someone to marry and seeing the same reactions from the candidates, when she realizes that only one didn’t actually run towards the window, they become close with every visit from the young man, he convinces her to get out and know the world, but when she actually does escape form her house , she sees the world as it is, first it’s fun, but then when people discover that she’s the pig faced girl she becomes a phenomenon. Afterwards Penelope falls in love, and the curse is broken, not by marrying this “blue blood” guy, but by accepting her self as she is. It is true that first impressions are all that matter but how far would we go to be accepted? Not that Penelope was trying to be someone else, but everyone saw her as a “freak” of some sort, all the attention was given to her. It is this young man that was going to marry her that caught my attention, his name is Edward Humphrey, son of an aristocrat father; went to see Penelope for the first time to take a chance of marrying her. But when saw her he ran right away, keeping harsh memories from his experience; Edward meets Lemon, a reporter who has followed Penelope’s story for a long time and tells him about the girl, when Penelope goes missing he helps Lemon by giving a description so that the drawing could go out in the newspaper, the drawing had nothing to do with Penelope so Edward was left for crazy in the eyes of society, which was bad for his image but not as bad as the image of his father, so what he does is propose to Penelope, because it would help his image not because he wanted to help her. He was only trying to stay in his circle in society, not caring for other peoples feelings. In the end Penelope stays with this young gambler. The story reflects a lot of the faces in society, like paparazzi, and discrimination. The whole spot light – “I don’t want to get involved, but I still want the attention” – frenzy. In this time when global warming affects our future, when there’s a war going on and millions of people are starving, TV gives us an escape, how? Well, showing us how Lindsey Lohan spends her day’s in rehab or how Britney Spears lost the custody of her kids. Can we call that entertainment? I will just call it the: “don’t mind the horrible things going on in the world that need our attention” reality show.  


One Response to “Comment on the movie “Penelope””

  1. Yuri Kageyama October 7, 2008 at 6:08 am #

    Thanks. I’ve been a bit busy but otherwise doing fine. I would love to read your essays.

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