1 Nov

Today, i got a taste of what Tijuana my city is going through, fortunetly i ran with luck… as i was heading towards my home, on the bus, a couple of guys dressed as normal people got in and theatened the bus driver, as one of the men was getting the money from the bus driver, one of the other men asked for everyones belongings, i got out my wallet and told the man i didn’t have any money (i did, but in another pocket) i asked him to check and to give it back because i needed my personal papers and stuff i had there… he opened it, and saw i wasn’t lying and gave it back,Β  after that they got off, and i got home safe and sound, and for that i’m grateful.

I was lucky, but the other people weren’t, as for the thousands of people living in Tijuana like me that have suffered some kind of violence… For how long will this wave of violence and impunity last?… i am deeply sad and angry.


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