29 Mar

I’m so happy right now, yesterday I got a comment from Ms. Yuri Kageyama n.n

Would you like to contribute a short fiction piece for an anthology I am putting together?
It has to have be in English and it must also have a reference to Japan in it somewhere, but it can be a passing reference like sushi a character is eating in a scene, or something a character says about Japan.
Are you interested?
It is for a book I am putting together for next year for Printed Matter Press in Tokyo.

I’ve just started putting it together so I only have two pieces planned for it, one by me and the other by Hillel Wright.
But I am also asking others to take part.
You will be in good company. ;-)

Obviously I said YES! I feel blessed that someone like Yuri can recognize my efforts and my work, I know I’m just starting as an amateur writer, but for someone to even consider me for such a project makes me want to go further, aim higher, makes me take out the best in me!

Ms. Kageyama  has been there since the beginning giving me her thoughts, same ones that I treasure, THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING MS. KAGEYAMA! I will not let you down.


One Response to “Blessed”

  1. Yuri Kageyama March 30, 2009 at 8:07 am #

    Yes, I did get your e-mail.
    I must thank you for believing in me!
    I do think you are a good writer.
    No rush.
    It will take time to get all the works together.
    But the project will be fun.

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