29 Mar

I’m so happy right now, yesterday I got a comment from Ms. Yuri Kageyama n.n

Would you like to contribute a short fiction piece for an anthology I am putting together?
It has to have be in English and it must also have a reference to Japan in it somewhere, but it can be a passing reference like sushi a character is eating in a scene, or something a character says about Japan.
Are you interested?
It is for a book I am putting together for next year for Printed Matter Press in Tokyo.

I’ve just started putting it together so I only have two pieces planned for it, one by me and the other by Hillel Wright.
But I am also asking others to take part.
You will be in good company. ;-)

Obviously I said YES! I feel blessed that someone like Yuri can recognize my efforts and my work, I know I’m just starting as an amateur writer, but for someone to even consider me for such a project makes me want to go further, aim higher, makes me take out the best in me!

Ms. KageyamaΒ Β has been there since the beginning giving me her thoughts, same ones thatΒ I treasure, THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING MS. KAGEYAMA! I will not let you down.


One Response to “Blessed”

  1. Yuri Kageyama March 30, 2009 at 8:07 am #

    Yes, I did get your e-mail.
    I must thank you for believing in me!
    I do think you are a good writer.
    No rush.
    It will take time to get all the works together.
    But the project will be fun.

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