On past events…

9 Jul

Hi there people…

It’s been a while since I’ve written something on my blog, I haven’t been much at home lately I’m working now in a company that makes printed publicity as a designer.

 I love design, I think that design and teaching are my favorite careers xD, although they have nothing in common. I enjoy my job, my boss is O.K. he’s weird sometimes, but who am I to say who’s weird xD, he’s just him… I work with another guy, I don’t know much about him, not even his age, hes kinda cool, although  he criticizes me about my taste in music.

I know that a lot of people do this but I want to take a peace on my blog to talk about the recent passing of Michael Jackson, most of you are already fed up with it, but let me tell you something, MJ is a loss for the world of music, and for the rest of the world actually. Here we had a person who saw the world through the eyes of children, who felt love even though people dissed him in many ways and hurt him that much also, and yet his musical brain was at a level that many of the musicians these days wished they could have. The loss of MJ was sad, and the response to that was a clear message that he was greater that any star in this planet, personally the only time I saw such a response to the death of a person was when Lady D. passed away (tragically) so many people morned her loss, I can understand why poeple get so close in feelings with celebrities, but untill this past week I could fully understand why people cry for them… when you take a look in the life of MJ well… taking aside the past 5 or so years of trials for molestation; he made A LOT of good things for those around him, yeah he looked weird, but why do we look more in to the bad things of a person an not see their good, he was a really really GOOD man. When I heard the news I just thought ” a good reminder that we’re only for a while… no one’s immortal” but it was surreal to me, it became real that he was dead when I saw his couffin, I bursted in tears… I felt a great loss, who is going to make the things he did so well?? the music!, such a loss for music… that was my pain. Now a days, this world changes at a pase few can catch up, and many geniuses have moved on to a better place, and we’re left here not learning about those people by only looking at the dark side of their lives, we need to learn from them, all of them and keep their ideals alive so that this planet and the humans living in it can be better.

😀 I like writting about this things, positive things help us lighten our day… don’t you think??


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