9 Aug

we all have skelletons in our closets… something to be ashamed of or frightened for, but how easy it is for us to take other peoples stuff out right?

maybe I’m not making any sense, let me put it this way, it’s easier to look at others mishaves than ours… it’s like in the bible says that Β when Jesus was writing a lesson to his followers a prostitute approached him and asked him if he could redeem her for all she had done, someone in the crowd said that she didn’t deserve it and that she had to pay for what she did, so they all grabbed a stone, the Jesus said to them, that if any one was free of guilt to throw the first stone… no one did. Everyone should leave everybody be the way they want to be.. RESPECTΒ  the desitions of a personΒ and not be all up in their business… u.u

that’s all, I just needed to say that, although it’s not the first time i’ve talked about respect… u.u


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