23 Aug

The highway was dark, only brightened by the starry cover of the sky, my body was tired, my eyes were heavy, I looked up high and all I could see was a part of creation that few of us stop to see, it was stunning, the stars lit up the dark sky, and just then when I was contemplating the beautiful scene… a shooting star, I have never seen one, nontheless see one so beautifu… I was breathless. I felt blessed to see what a beautiful gift my lord had given me, I realized that I was only looking at one single, tiny, microscopic part of all that he can do, off all that he has given me to see… and how we always look at what we have in front of us, and yet we never look up, we never look sideways, we never LOOK and appreciate HIS wonders, the gift that he has given us, that God always has ways to remind us how much he loves us, how much he wants for us to look up and say thank you, Lord, you have given me the opportunity too see what others can’t! The opportunity to rise in the morning and give thanxs for a new day, the hope that we will all have a chance to share the table with him, and share eternity in his glory.Β  So look up! SEE what he has to offer, accept his gift! a gift that will never dissapear.


One Response to “Gift”

  1. r September 24, 2009 at 7:30 am #

    what a beautiful post! God bless you!

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