No ofense… it’s just homework

17 Sep

 This post is intended just for me to publish my homewrok, I’m a christian, and believe me it was hard to think like this… so no ofense to anyone okay??

enjoy 🙂 


1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

2And the earth was with no form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3And God said, let there be light: and there was light.

4And God saw the light, that it was god: and God divided the light from the darkness


1En el principio Dios creó los cielos y la tierra.

2Ahora bien, resultaba que la tierra se hallaba sin forma y desierta y había obscuridad sobre la superficie de la profundidad acuosa; y la fuerza activa de Dios se movía de un lado a otro sobre la superficie de las aguas

3Y Dios procedía a decir; “llegue a ver luz” Entonces llego a ver luz.

4Despues de eso vio que la luz era buena, y efectuó Dios una división entre la luz y la oscuridad.

La Genése

1Au commencement, Dieu creá  les cieux et la terre

2La terre était informe et vide : il y avait des ténèbres á la surface de l’abime, et l’esprit de Dieu se mouvait au-dessus des eaux

3Dieu dit : Que la lumière soit ! Et la lumière fut.

4Dieu vit que la lumière était bonne ; et Dieu sépara la lumière d’avec les ténèbres,      

 The previous texts were taken from different bibles, the first from King James Version in English; the second in Spanish was taken from the Watch Tower Society commonly known as the Jehovah’s Witness, the last in French taken from Louie the Second’s version. W hy aren’t they the same? Let me tell you, it’s not just the translation here, the complexity of the three texts relies on the time they were translated and the ideals of each church, not only do we have a standard Bible, there are so many to chose from nowadays, the last one is an international version, which is better to understand because of its use of almost colloquial language. The attempt for the religious people to make society be more interested in learning about God has never been the same, like with the second version; in verse 2 we have “…y la fuerza activa de Dios se movía…”  an active force, the very idea of it being an active force gives God an almost human attribution, why? If we have an active force we also have a passive force, and we know that force begins and ends, we see it in physics for example with bodies in movement. Yet what religion tells us is that God is never passive, that his power is unlimited, I mean, if they can’t agree on one version of the story, what’s left is that each and every human will have different conceptions, and that’s why there are so many versions, you just have to pick one, the one that suits you best and the most important the one in which the language you read is adequate for your understanding.

Speaking of versions, what if there was a scientific version of the Bible’s story of the earth’s creation? It would read somewhat like this:

1 In the beginning there only existed matter and energy, then after being there for a long time all of that energy collided and an astronomic explosion made the particles, atoms and all the existing matter unite in to bigger clusters of particles and energy, thus forming celestial bodies called planets, that was when the earth was formed.2 But the earth had no atmosphere, so all that existed in earth was chaotic, after thousands of years the earth started to separate gases from liquids and solid particles, in consequence forming the atmosphere, 3and now that the atmosphere was produced the sun’s rays entered the atmosphere, 4 and the earth kept going in its evolution to become what we come to know so well in this century. 

It would be called “the Scientific Bible”, just imagine what other scientific explanations can we give!


Translations of The Bible (recovered from November 17th 2009)

Centro de Información sobre Sectas, Religiones y otros Movimientos Espirituales, La Biblia falsa de los Testigos de Jehová (recovered from  November 17th 2009)


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