2 Oct

I attended an art show in TJ today, it’s like a festival, called “Entijuanarte”. I thought it might be nice to get to know the artists from my city (proudly) so I got on the bus after school, and got to the festival in time for the inauguration, there where a lot of young men and women, most of them in their mid 20’s or 30’s. wine, cheese and bread for the peoples delicate taste 😛 “clamatos” (tomato juice with hot sauce and steak sauce with a celery stick + beer) for the more practical people (cheap u.u) coffee, and other “delicacies” 😛 not forgetting the people who dressed up for the occasion (it was like looking at a Parisian movie with the hats and cigarettes all over the place, a lot of funny mustaches) , a very exquisite scene in the premises of CECUT (Tijuana’s cultural center).

My friend and I walked along the path, overlooking the canvases and frames the conformed the sight, NOTHING CAUGHT MY ATTENTION, actually only two paintings did, but other than that of over the 100 or so paintings and pictures that were in exhibition NOTHING was worthy u.u, my perception of art is the feelings that are transmitted by the artist through his or her creations… in this case I only felt a shallow interest in the way the people complemented and observed the “art” it was like “oh, because I drink wine and dress in black I know about art” , there was even a big fuss about a special unit in the exhibitions that held a lot of expectations from the attendants… u.u I have never seen such “blah” in one room u.u, the photography, canvases and sculptures inside had no impact… it was a white room, with kana and kanji (japanese caligraphy)  written all over the floor with white ink (I think it was plain paint) ¬¬ horribly written by the way, and I would know, with all the pressure I get by my sensei to get the traces right u.u and a horrible attempt to impress the public (which worked for the rest) there was no connection between one thing and another, no theme, “no structure” like my friend said… it was blah u.u 

I came home with a bad sense of my cities attempt to be artsy… u.u our artists have a LONG path to walk before they become good artists, before they can really send emotions and make impact with their work… the ones that have that don’t live in TJ anymore xD so… 

I don’t think myself as a person who is in that much into art, but I know what I know, and if I compare it with other art shows, we at TJ have a “C-” on effort.

Thats all u.u good night.


4 Responses to “Art?”

  1. Ruben V. October 4, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    I totally agree with you Nanyeshka, most of the exhibitions held in Entijuanarte were made by a bunch of snobbish bozos.

  2. February 13, 2013 at 2:08 am #

    I wonder precisely why you named this particular posting, “Art?

    My bLuRbS”. No matter what I appreciated
    the blog!Thank you-Caitlin

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