22 Oct

sometimes one can be so self centered that one can end up being a fool….

I’ve always had my ups and downs, neve anything serious, but jeez!! I keep falling over and over again!! I can’t seem to learn the lesson…


I consider myself an open book, if you give I give back… that’s it, but that’s never enough, then you get backstabbedΒ by what you believed was an beautiful human being!!… u.u which you didn’t never want to hurt, and now that you are backstabbed well… al love dissapears,Β and guess what? It seems nowΒ that, that human being has a name, and that human being will never beΒ able to see what others to see in you, why? Because he will never be mature enough to understand that when someone give you love you can’t just throw that away…


my point is (beside taking all the anger off)… no point at all, just be careful who you show your feelings to.


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