13 Nov

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

If you had the gift of healing one sickness, what would you heal?

If our health had two buttons; “healthy” and “sick”, would you ever push “sick”?

We never choose over our bodies, and it seems that we do, but no. This complex structure called body works in misterious ways, God made us, He designed our bodies to function so that we could fulfil the purpose of living.

We will never win over our bodies, we can take care of them, but not restrain its purpose, but can we accept the fact that at some point something will happen to it? Can we ever look at the bright side of being in a different anemic state other than having a perfect life?

Everything happens for a purpose, nothing is controlled by us, yet, no one seems to know that. We take life for granted as it is, when difficult times come around our body; out of all things, suffers. Tensions come and go, indicating that something isn’t right, let’s stop and listen.

Let us not wait for our bodies to make the final call, let us not wait for a final curtain call to appreciate what God has tried to show us from the beginning.

Cancer can be cured, our cancer is whatever we have that blocks us from seeing life’s wonders, get rid of it.


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