On “The Book Of Eli”

31 Jan


I just saw this movie, I liked it a lot… all of the movie has a lot of Bible verses, Denzel Washington did a great job as Eli, a lot of action and drama… what I left with after seeing the movie was this; okay, it’s a post nuclear war world and this guy is wondering around almost to nowhere carrying only a backpack, a machete and two guns (don’t know anything about calibers but they where big), at fist you think “where is he going?”… you expect to find the answers quickly as any other movies of this type might have but this is the kind that makes you stop and wait.. you really need to be patient, anyway, as the film goes on you start to connect and to deliberate all your initial questions xD; sounds kind of messy but it isn’t, the film is packed with a good sequence of action scenes I think that really kicked it up a notch… all of this for a Bible.

Nowadays people don’t fight over Bibles, and it makes me think of its value because sometimes the things we don’t value as much are the things that are most valuable, I totally recommend this movie.


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