I want to tell a story…

9 Apr

I want to tell a story but I don’t know where to begin, there are so many things that I could start with, there are so many things that I would like to express through the story and so many details I wish to include. My head is like tangled yarn, it does not seem to have a beginning or an end, in my mind I have pictures scattered all over the place of images about many stories I wish to tell, like the one with the girl who has trouble adapting to new situations, or the sad one about a girl loosing her father, so many!… but they’re all in my mind, and only in my mind could I tell them.

I could try to speak of the story but then there’s a blockage, I start thinking about what other might find interesting or not about the story, then those thought make me change the lines of the tale creating a never ending plot with twists and turns that lead to nowhere.

Nothing helps, I’ve researched and read other materials to have an idea but nothing works, it’s my head that’s troublesome, always, and I can’t get a hold of it, it like I have a switch that is stuck. I know I have the potential, people around me say so, well at least Ms. Kageyama does u.u, yet there’s something missing in my head so that the huge yarn inside turns in to a beautiful scarf… (I’m good with analogies don’t you think? ) There will be a day when finally I will write a story (a short one at least) and it will be so cool, so catchy and entertaining that (I hope) it will go around the planet inspiring people to write and to be creative, I will write a story with my heart and soul so that I can transmit  whatever it is that’s in my mind.

It is hidden deep in myself, all that I wish to say and write, I want to share it with the world, I want to be part of that magical fantasy world of stories that touch hearts and make people be better, someday!

But for now, I’m stuck and all I have is my opinion and my blog.

Take care and live for the better.


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