I remember…

16 Jun

Sometime ago I never thought I could express my thoughts the way I do now, that I would realize that my thoughts come in a language that is not my own but at the same time becomes a part of me every time I think. Sometime ago, just because I felt like it, IΒ  expressed myself without asking “what do you think?”. Tried to write something different from what I was accustomed to express, other than sadness and sorrow, I would start writing about my point of view, the way I see life and would like to see in the future, about my experiences as I go along this life. Sometime ago a women motivated me in this journey since 08′, she helped me realize that I should love what I write, that I should write what I want and whatever I want because this is art, writing is art and it should be enjoyable, I remember she made me joyful with her comments (and still does), same that keep me going like fuel to a car, other than my mother whom I admire and cherish and by all things listen to (although she might think I don’t) this women has given me her hand in help so that I can keep going, so humble and true to her self, whom I look up to, who I thank God for, Yuri Kageyama I wish to thank now for all of the above mentioned, I know I would have given up writing the way I do now if it weren’t for you. Domo arigaotu gozaimasu Kageyama san, thank you so very much.


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