Mental floss… part II

2 Aug

So I left off talking about some mistakes I’ve made during my vacations right? What a waste to read about that, putting myself in the readers position I’ve notices that most of my writing is just rant and things I like, I’ve always treated my blogs as some sort of diaries per say, who cares right? I mean, maybe there are people that care to read this I know people who do check on me once in a while, but do I really make an impact? Probably not, actually I don’t think that I’ve ever written something to cause impact, or have I?… my essays maybe, yeah, that. But sometimes I don’t want to write in that particular style, like now, I’m just letting words flow through my fingers, how can a person have an impact on othe people while maintaining their true beliefs? Can you really write by what you’ve been taught? How long does it take before you discover that what your writing reflects what you really think? Words come and go, the mind is able to put them toghether so that they sound and read nicely, words can be interpreted in so many ways, in so many languages; words can create worlds and everlasting images, they can make you love and hate, and they can be manipulated to such intensity that they can destroy billions of people.

Making an impact is not just to change something, or having someone belive your ideas are better that the rest, its about respecting your inner values, its letting out your heart in words so that can other see what you’re made of and how they can do it too… for the goodnes of something,


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