Mental floss… part III

29 Aug

I’m thinking of life and how it seems to dimish day by day, do we really accept that we’re here just for a while? Why do we always look for longevity? We will eventually fade, life is a huge gift that we don’t deserve, when we’re here we make mistakes, hug, laugh, cry, celebrate, achieve and all sorts of things, but why? We cling on objects and feelings, get stressed about arriving on time, get mad and hurt people around us, why? If this is just a whisper, a chapter is this thing called life, and just like that we people go away the we mourn, why? I’m happy when people leave this miserable place, I believe there’s something else, another place where there’s no sufering or pain, so why mourn? Why be selfish? get glad for them and get sad beacuse you’re still here. There is just so many things in my head now, to know of a loss so close to you and not feeling useful at the moment, not knowing what to say, but still wanting to be there and stand by the person you love, it’s tough.



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