Mental floss… part IV

3 Nov

It’s been a while since I’ve written something for my blog, I had many things to say since the last post but I couldn’t find a way or the time to express my thoughts, either way, here I am…

It’s funny how one suddenly begins to live through situations and experiences and not be able to put into simple words what you did in a day, I think that’s why I don’t use my blog as a diary, there are days when my mind is just blank and my day is just a time phase, nothing special about it, the only thing is that when stuff starts to happen where do you go in that moment to record it, where can you stop and write it down? There’s no time people, you have to keep moving and that’s when your brain becomes some sort of a storage unit, a biological USB, storing and storing untill you just don’t know or want to know what you have in it, because of this I have learned that it’s healthy to erase the junk from your memory, well, not litterally, more like take it out, dust off and share, I think that’s why I stared the mental floss thing, it has worked so far. For me, it’s time to do what I do when I don’t know what to do with my head, it doesn’t shut up, nonetheless help me store new useful knowledge, there’s just too much junk in there, starting with all my previous encouters with life, like before this moment, I had been good most of the time, and yet – as it always happens, you should read the previos posts – I keep falling in the same holes, makes me think seriously about if I have learned something, man, if I where an animal, I would have died by now and become someone’s rug, but I’m not and I haven’t learned yet.

Seems that we all have those spaces in life when you become a blur, a kind of microscopic material that can not be seen by the naked eye, so small and insignificant, nothing interesting happens, you just swift by your days meaning nothing to anybody, and just like everyone has those days you can also have one of the moements when you become so flourescent, so noticeable and giant that you wish you could just remain microscopic forever, obviously those moments come when you least want them, because if it where a good thing like the kind of spot light a person gets for being good at something I wouldn’t be talking about this right now, yes, mjy mind is in a negative state, having a rough time at everything is not enjoyable and one has to take that out of our sistem or else it rots with you and become bitter, I just wish I was happy all the time, but I can’t haha even though there are good thing in my life right now, that I don’t want to take out πŸ™‚ so it’s just an honorable mention.

Being able to separate negativity and postiity is very hard, because sometimes the bad things make the the balance go off – see what I mean about storing the trash? – let’s see where my floss will take me this time, it’s enough ranting for today,besides, I have important moments to enjoy right now – even though I might end up ranting about it in the future, you know what I mean, that thing I always have a problem with… feeling, feelings, feelings –

Please help me God.



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