A Prayer…

28 Dec

Dear God,

Thank you so much for this day, this night, this moment… thank you for all the beautiful things around me, the things you show me and the people that suround me… for all things I have and lost, for bringing me joy and sorrow, for loving me the way I am and paying for my sins at the cross.

Father I want to thank you for this year that passed so quickly before me, for all that I went through to get to the place I am now, for my mother, father, sister and brother and for my grandmother too. Please guard them, protect them and talk to them like you have spoken to me, let them know that you are there and that your love will never leave their hearts. My friends too Lord, specially them! For you have given me the oportunity to know them and learn from them, please take care of them… for the people who won’t take the time to know me and wish me wrong, thank you for they make me trust even more in you because it is only because you are beside me that I can put the other cheek (although sometimes I want to put the fist)…

God you have shown me so many things this year, you have taken e to places I’ve never been before and also reminded me that all I need is you… forgive me if ever I ofended you with my actions and thoughts, forgive me for not having faith, and far most for not giving love when I had to.

Please may the next year be filled with new experiences for all, may I keep learning what you want me to learn and may I keep walking on  the path you chose for me… come what may, don’t ever leave my side and give me strenght n.n

…and um… take care of my partner you chose for me wherever he may be n.n so that he can come to me safely n.n try not to stall him much πŸ˜›

Lord you know my heart and my deepest thoughts and desires, listen to them and deliver n.n

I love you…







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