Mental floss V

6 Dec

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, everythings cluttered and dark, I’m steping on so many things, how will I ever get this out!

My head is turning and bending, nothing is in its place… The things you leave for others… let me tell you something, I’m here to rant and say whatever I have to say, my dear readers you may not know what I’m talking about, frankly me neither! I just have to go back to square one, start again and take another detour somewhere…

I have forgotten what this feels like, to have a reason to do something, to continue unfinished work, to take back the reins of your life “aha”… it seems theatrical right now, it is in a way but it has to be this way, haahahaha I should write my own screen play πŸ˜€ no? ok no… see now I’m joking around u.u… OK nack to business… the primary reason I’m here is because of the same reasons I write over and over again πŸ™‚ good jolly old heart :)… I believe that a person is willing to leave all for something he or she wants, willing to change and walk the way to keep that something within a boudarie so it can’t escape, I just found out I’m not that kind of person, to even think of having to stop speaking the language where I feel I’m someone else, someone who can speak clearly and say what she wants when she wants it more clearly than ever in her life, the only resource she has to express and take out the garbage in her head… nope, that is not me, I know myself too well to withstand long periods without cleaning up the “upstairs closet”, well I forgot for a moment who I was and became someone else… nothing should ever make you change who you are, on the contrarie it has to embrace you, to hold you like a rare peace of treasure and stare in awe as you share every minute with it… not clear? let me put it this way, in this world there will be something worth hanging around for, and will like you for who you are and with everything you carry.

There’s soemthing that’s been bothering me a lot these days and I have to say it, it’s killing me, I LEFT ALL THAT I WAS, ALL THAT I EVER LIKED FOR PRACTICALLY (the most wonderful period in what I have lived) AT THE END NOTHING!! because I’m never appreciated, how many times do I have to say this, IF YOU LIKE ME YOU LIKE ME FOR ME, NOT FOR WHAT I’VE BEEN OR HAVE!! is this too hard to understand… oh right! you never cared to read me because you where to blind and careless to think I had something to say!!! ok enough said πŸ™‚ let me tell you the good things I have stored!!

I have a job, I love it, wouldn’t trade it πŸ˜€ I love teaching, thank you very much!

My God has been so good to me so lately that I have been stronger than ever!

My drive to turn the page from all crap has gone up (although because of traffic in some areas I have to slow down)

I want to get out of here, I want to teach in another place (so if you know where I can be well received πŸ˜‰ send me a message)

Now more than ever I know who I can rely on


great, what now?? I don’t know, I’ll keep you posted πŸ˜€


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