Sailing away

9 Dec

I am stuck in a lonesome island, although you are there I still feel like I’m alone in this journey, I would like for you to come with me but you won’t… somehow I really felt like I conviced you, and then I saw reality, you will never follow me.

All I wanted to do is to help you out, you seem so comfortable here and I’m not, so I must move on (again) never to set foot on this island again. My ship is ready to sail, are you sure you don’t want to tag along? I don’t think you do, so sad.

I’m leaving some bagage behind though, my pet names and all the compromising memories that might make me come back for you, they weigh a ton, be careful when you carry them. Just so you know, I’m holding on to a few just to remind me how sweet my stay was, don’t count it as extra weight.

This is goodbye, I love you so, you will stay in my heart.


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