2012 Mental Floss roundup

3 Jan

It was the makeup year, I can’t really say the year had many memories because it went by so fast as if I was on a rollercoaster, everything swifted by too fast, the last thing I remember was the hollidays from 2011, then nothing I really enjoyed, many struggles, many highs and lows, everything in the middle, so hurried up in the same time. 

Being independant was the first thing, attending to my graduation ceremony ( after fighting to be in it) empowered me, the most beautiful wedding I ever attended to, a couple of reunions with friends, sleep, sleep, sleep…. I’m sorry if I miss something in between, I blinked through the whole year and missed a lot I feel. 

I really think my year went by like a winter for a bear, so many regrets, so much happiness, anger, lonelyness, sadness mostly. He hit me so hard that it knocked me out of my feet, sometimes I feel like I’m still paying the price, I’m sorry if I don’t have much to say in this mental floss, I lack material.



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