Mental Floss: How?

17 Mar

How can you miss something you never had?
The idea holding on to a fantasy and the sentiment evolving with every situation, I too can write beautifuly, I too can come up with brillant sentences that disguise and covers with sugar my words, but they become bitter because no one can hide the truth that lies beneath, so why bother?

No obligations, no surrender, everyone happy? No, so we become comfortable in our skin and actions thinking its all we need when in fact one part greeds for more because “this” is not enough. What use is it to have a seed and a pot and not use them to grow a flower? No use at all, a seed will not grow in a hand as a pot will not hold anything if you don’t fill it with soil, everything is pointless.

“This” will rot, and just like a withered plant can’t revive without water and sun, if we turn back it will be too late, we would have wasted our time all along.


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