Leaving open doors in life

13 Mar

 I recently made a series of desitions, good ones, which made me close a few doors in order to advance, some of them quite small and insignificant like going to the gym,  a really big one like deciding to love, among others and I thought it was going to be easy to stick with those desitions, I thought, once I made them it’s all down hill, but no, leaving behind open doors (keeping other habits and contacts) makes it hard to follow through because you keep looking back on them, I like the phrase “there’s a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror, because you have to focus on the things that are in front of you”, it  makes me think of how many times I have looked back wanting to repeat whatever I did or wanting things to be the way they were a few years ago when I thought I was happy, how can I advance if I keep peeking back just for a bit wanting to reminice, not that is a bad thing, then I think about what I have now and what I’ve gone through to get here and it’s amazing really, the now is so important, risking it to go back is foolish, just because I had a few good laughs or comfort? It becomes tempting, there’s a reason it’s called comfort zone, there are no risks, nothing goes in or out, it’s just remaining in a conformist state of being.

I know now the importance of moving on, focusing on the important things present, like the love I have… I never imagined I’d find someone like my love, and I have it, so why reminice on past relationships when they have no comparison to what I have now? because I left opened doors, even if its half open, it counts, because somewhere I think I can still learn from my mistakes, but that’s a lie and a big mistake, if I’m here is becaue I learned from them so I don’t need anymore knowledge, what’s done is done, move on. And that’s what I did, I closed the doors and I hope to never find the keys to them ever again, I like what I have now and I enjoy every minute of my life.    


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