Me and my big mouth

9 Apr

Bla bla bla
I let it out
I spilled the beans
I thought I did good
Now I’m in doubt

Bla bla bla
Not sure of what now
I wish I could start over
I want to take it back
Now I have to wait

Bla bla bla
It’s like a never ending cascade
Every word counted
Every word cutting
Every word made it worse

Bla bla bla
I am responsible
I should’ve just kept it in
I am ashamed
I am so sorry

Bla bla bla
Please forgive my mouth
Please forgive my mind
Please forgive me
I hope I am wrong


One Response to “Me and my big mouth”

  1. iku2e April 10, 2014 at 4:25 am #


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