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Mental Floss 2013

27 Dec

It’s that time of the year again, I must empty my brain to get ready for the new year. I have so many moments, and so many means thousands of memories with friends and family that I carried throughout the year, looking back I’m realizing not all the things I lost but all the things I gained for myself, with all the ups and downs, the tears shed and the laughter. I learned to accept things I can’t change and to change the things I can’t accept, to the people who read this I tell you; you have no idea the of transformation that went on in my heart, you have no idea how much I loved or how much I hated and how much I wish I could freeze moments and others just changed. In the end all I can think about is how much my life has changed and how funny it is to finish the year the way it started…Β ImageImageImageImageImage


Mental Floss: Insomnia edition

5 May

Where to begin… I’m not sure, I find myself sinked in apathy, I feel like I can’t write anymore. Right now I can’t sleep, so many things in mind.

Sudden shifts in life can be harmful to one’s way of seeing the world, the power to continue starts to diminish and thus whatever interest in doing anything else to counter the shift, why bother continuing if something else is just around the corner waiting just to bite you? You get used to being carried away and everything else becomes a distant memory of what once was. I catch myself talking about what used to be and then I think “then what am I doing about it?”, procrastination has overcome and it’s so heavy I might as well sit than drag it around, this big pile of things I want to achieve but everything else is more important… Later is better, after I finish this… Observing what I want and thinking of how awesome it would be if I make it happen, and the thought just lingers because my limbs are too busy holding that procrastination.

Its a miracle that my brain is functioning this way, for so long have I wanted to write and write, yet something better always came up, something that would consume my time in a way that I would forget the rest… Glancing my ideas and practically caressing them as they passed by through my head and not one of them put in to action. Indeed I still guard myself and yes I still sit and watch as the world passes by with me doing nothing, I guess at some point this will end.

Mental Floss: How?

17 Mar

How can you miss something you never had?
The idea holding on to a fantasy and the sentiment evolving with every situation, I too can write beautifuly, I too can come up with brillant sentences that disguise and covers with sugar my words, but they become bitter because no one can hide the truth that lies beneath, so why bother?

No obligations, no surrender, everyone happy? No, so we become comfortable in our skin and actions thinking its all we need when in fact one part greeds for more because “this” is not enough. What use is it to have a seed and a pot and not use them to grow a flower? No use at all, a seed will not grow in a hand as a pot will not hold anything if you don’t fill it with soil, everything is pointless.

“This” will rot, and just like a withered plant can’t revive without water and sun, if we turn back it will be too late, we would have wasted our time all along.