25 Apr

Time is not enough,

it is never enough,

I crave for more time,

I crave to control it.


If I had time I would…

I have time to…

I need it to…

but I don’t really do.


All I have is a moment

a space in time

I can use it as I wish

I can waste it too.


The moment you are here

The time that is given to me

a kiss, a hug, a movie…

it is all I have for now


I might as well enjoy it,

I won’t make a fuss

if its over…

I’m just thankful for it


I might feel blue

I might get angry

but as all its just a moment

soon it is over.


Who needs time?

me, you, all…

I might have just invented it

so I can spend it with you.

Me and my big mouth

9 Apr

Bla bla bla
I let it out
I spilled the beans
I thought I did good
Now I’m in doubt

Bla bla bla
Not sure of what now
I wish I could start over
I want to take it back
Now I have to wait

Bla bla bla
It’s like a never ending cascade
Every word counted
Every word cutting
Every word made it worse

Bla bla bla
I am responsible
I should’ve just kept it in
I am ashamed
I am so sorry

Bla bla bla
Please forgive my mouth
Please forgive my mind
Please forgive me
I hope I am wrong

My first short story

4 Apr

Five years ago I began a project, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake but it turned out to be a big challenge. Writing fiction to me at the time seemed easy, I just had to imagine things about people and write them down in the form of narrative and dialogue, I learned quickly that I was making a big mistake.

I began writing on a notebook, it was a story of a girl that had lost her father and was going through depression, I have even drew pictures of the different key points of the story, after a few pages I stopped, I realized that the thing I was writing about had no significance for me. I got my first writers block.

Since it was a project someone asked me to participate in, I felt pressure to come up with something immediately, I made some research so that this time I could write about the right reasons, to make the right story. At the time I was in 4th semester of university, and I had to write about other things, essays and research papers, I had no time to focus on my short story and so I ranted on my blog about it, I was trying too hard. One of the comments I received was that I had to give the project time to develop, that I shouldn’t worry about it, I took the advice and gave my brain time to come up with a meaningful story.

I wrote my short story in a period of 5 years, I think I gave it enough right? It came to me in 3 chunks, I wrote a good 3 pages and then stopped, gave it time, mind my own business and then another chunk, and so went on. When I finished I felt accomplished and relieved that it was finally over, I changed a few stuff for the final draft but it came out a masterpiece… To me at least, and to my boyfriend 💜 ( because he loves me he can’t give me a good critique :P) I sent it to the wonderful journalist abroad and now I wait for her verdict.

What’s wonderful about this in my viewpoint is that I completed a project for the first time, and I want to continue on more writing projects, I want to know where this is going to take me.

I’m not going to go in to the inner process of writing a short story, I learned that each one has a process, I’m just sharing mine.