Is this a joke?

20 Jun

Kids, this is how I met your dad. My story would begin like that, I would happily remember the day I met him, tell my children of how against all odds I married my best friend… but I guess now I have to rethink that story, people change, I will say. Change is good, even if it’s for the wrong reason, apparently my purpose in life is to make people realize what they really want, of course it doesn’t include me, I’m just the path that leads, like I said, people change but not love, people are deceitful, love is the same. I chose to love and I don’t regret it at all, the problem is I couldn’t slow down, next thing I know there is no one on my path, it’s as if I opened a freeway and somehow made two or three exits along the way, I never noticed I was alone. It hurts to know that I’m difficult to catch up with, that as soon as I pick up the pace another is slowing down and looking for the exit. I wish I could go back and slow down but I can’t, I’m too far away now, love is still with me but not the person, ouch! What do I do with it? It burns. I will tell them how people say they love when in fact what they do is fill up an emptiness but not love in reality, I am sure about the fact that love comes from God, and that if I have God in my heart I will always have love, unconditional love. I will say that in my long walk through life I encountered an awful truth about people, they never know what they want even if they have it staring them in the face, they will turn from it and keep looking because they don’t know what it is. How can I have the certainty of what I want? And know that it stared me in the face once and I grabbed it with both hands, felt it and embraced it. I still know what I want and if it stares me in the face I will grab it again, and yes I will run because that’s what I do, I run and build, because I build out of love not out of circumstance or out of a person who is prone to leave. I will tell them not to confuse the actions of people with the meaning of love, actions have consequences but not love, actions hurt people, love doesn’t, so be careful and remember what I say. You my children are the result of love and the will to keep loving. Even if while I’m writing this believing that the day will never come, and that he will never come back to me, he is way behind me in this road, he stopped along the way. He changed.



25 Apr

Time is not enough,

it is never enough,

I crave for more time,

I crave to control it.


If I had time I would…

I have time to…

I need it to…

but I don’t really do.


All I have is a moment

a space in time

I can use it as I wish

I can waste it too.


The moment you are here

The time that is given to me

a kiss, a hug, a movie…

it is all I have for now


I might as well enjoy it,

I won’t make a fuss

if its over…

I’m just thankful for it


I might feel blue

I might get angry

but as all its just a moment

soon it is over.


Who needs time?

me, you, all…

I might have just invented it

so I can spend it with you.

Me and my big mouth

9 Apr

Bla bla bla
I let it out
I spilled the beans
I thought I did good
Now I’m in doubt

Bla bla bla
Not sure of what now
I wish I could start over
I want to take it back
Now I have to wait

Bla bla bla
It’s like a never ending cascade
Every word counted
Every word cutting
Every word made it worse

Bla bla bla
I am responsible
I should’ve just kept it in
I am ashamed
I am so sorry

Bla bla bla
Please forgive my mouth
Please forgive my mind
Please forgive me
I hope I am wrong