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1 Dec

I had a banana,

it was yellow,

it was ripe.


I was on my way to school

walking like I always do

through the path I always take.


I dropped my banana,

it was the best.

My yellow banana

you will be missed.


(Until I eat another one)


Always busy

23 Sep

Busy people are always busy
When do they stop to interact?
Do they have time to enjoy a sunrise or a sunset?
Why, they always have plans and schedules.
They are like machines using machines
I bet you a million dollars that even their personal life has a schedule,
“Time to say goodnight to my kids”
“Time to take them to school”
Even their rest has a schedule!
Busy people are too busy being busy.
There’s no time , they must finish their lists.
Being busy is not a way of life, it’s avoiding everything else that’s important.